The World of Patachou Blog | 30 Years of Patachou
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30 Years of Patachou

“I started Patachou, the Indianapolis, Indiana restaurant group that I created in 1989, having never worked in a restaurant and not knowing that I was pregnant with my third child. Patachou is proof that you can build an inclusive, positive value-based business culture without sacrificing profitably. And, Patachou is proof that an organization can grow and prosper without the exploitation of the people who make its success possible. I maintain that it is easier to build an inclusive culture than it is to try to correct ones that are inherently and insidiously flawed. Patachou has lived a reality that not only can profitability can exist without exploitation of the people,  it can also exist while giving people on all rungs of the ladder opportunities for career advancement and wealth enhancement. If Patachou can achieve this for 30 years, I think that others can too.” – MSH