The World of Patachou Blog | Patachou Farmers: Redbud Farm & Caprini Creamery
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Patachou Farmers: Redbud Farm & Caprini Creamery

When we’re not busy with the daily operations of Patachou, Inc., we moonlight as presidents of the Goat Fan Club. So when Mike and Kristy Hoopengardner invited us to visit their empire of goats at Redbud Farm & Caprini Creamery, we kind of freaked out.

Located about 40 miles east of Indianapolis near Spiceland sits a scenic plot of 58 acres where hundreds of goats roam rotating pastures, intermittently herding around in haphazard formations. Nicole always leads the herd, though, so we’re told (#goat #fempire). Wildflowers are scattered along the length of the property and of course – redbud trees have been planted alongside the road leading to the house and main barn. Realizing we had reached mecca, we just hoped that the goats couldn’t detect that we had zero chill whatsoever.

What began as a hobby for Mike and Kristy turned into a full-fledged dairy farm of 250+ goats several years later. A full-time Research Scientist for Eli Lilly, Kristy applied her knowledge of science and microbiology into an expertly-designed milking parlor, milkhouse and lab. They worked closely with the Board of Animal Health to perfect their operation, and Caprini Creamery is now used as a benchmark for new dairy farmers.

After being introduced by Public Greens Sous Chef Nick Traeger (thanks Nick!), Patachou Inc. Executive Chef Tyler Herald uses all of the Feta, Chevre and Bloomy cheeses that Caprini Creamery can give us –  approximately 20% of Caprini’s production.

Redbud Farm & Caprini Creamery will be at the Carmel and Broad Ripple Farmers Market every Saturday at 8AM, starting Saturday May 7. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram if you like to keep tabs on when new kids (baby goats) are being born, like we do. 

We’re also excited to announce that Mike and spokesgoat Brown Tiny will be joining us at The Patachou Foundation‘s June 3 First Fridays on the Farm fundraising dinner at Public Greens, where we’ll be featuring select plates prepared with Caprini Creamery cheeses. Tickets can be purchased here.