The World of Patachou Blog | Martha Hoover Included in Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Toolkit
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Martha Hoover Included in Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Toolkit

Women represent only 19% of chefs, and 7% of head chefs, across the culinary world. Beyond that, women chefs earn 28% less in base pay than their male counterparts.

For many years the restaurant environment has been rampant with bad behavior, toxic kitchens, and ego-driven leaders. While many continue to rehash the problems, WCR – Women Chefs & Restaurateurs seeks solutions and a new way forward.
There is tremendous opportunity to affect real change, but oftentimes while seeing the challenges, we aren’t quite sure how to solve what isn’t working. A true shift will require us to address the root(s) of the problem—they are indeed systemic.

WCR has developed this Sharpen Your Skills: A Toolkit to LEAD for aspiring women chefs and culinary leaders, to help them navigate and address the challenges they face in the industry.
We are so proud to have Patachou Inc. Founder and President Martha Hoover included in this incredibly important initiative. You can download the full toolkit here (& become a member!) at 💥💪🏽🍴