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Jess West

Jess West, Patachou on the Park server extraordinaire, has liked to play dress-up since she was a little girl. Of course, when I say “play” I mean she likes to design,sew and sell insanely creative custom costumes and uniforms to customers all over the globe. A 2010 graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology (Tampa, Florida), Jess designs everything from this 14 feet of Repunzel in the Tower costume she is modeling,to Medusa with over 60 snakes in her hair. “Holy 60 Snakes, Batman!” is what I said when I saw her 6 foot tall Gremlin, Dalek, from Dr. Who. In addition to creating science fiction, fantasy and horror character costumes, our sweet Jess creates professional uniforms for race crews. As in for Aston Martin, BMW and Andretti Racing. Check her out: . I am begging her to design a Patachou uniform. -MSH